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Grand Cayman DivingWe would love to take this time to tell you a bit more about us. From as far back as I remember growing up in southern California I in love with the ocean and diving. After a tour of the Cayman Islands we left our jobs and the security of home in Las Vegas to follow our dreams of working in the Cayman diving industry. Before settling in the Caymans, we were lucky enough to work for 20+ combined years in the Hospitality industry learning just what Customer service really meant. With that being said our we began to notice what separated good "customer" service and a good dive operation from taking care of our "Guest" and running a great operation. After that it was clear what we wanted to do and that was to create a unique guest experience that built solid relationships with our guest and welcome them into our family. We go above and beyond in every way possible, the same way we would for one of our family members. Every trip, every email, every phone call is handled the way we would want to be taken care of if we were on vacation ourselves.

We have combined our ingrained passion for the ocean, customer service, attention to detail, and love of Cayman Islands diving to provide the best experience for our customers.

Cayman Islands me and youThe Caymans offer a lot of choices for people wanting to enjoy the water. Our service is flexible, safe, and fun for anyone to enjoy – no matter what your level of experience. Our boat is a purpose-built dive and snorkel vessel designed and built for Grand Cayman diving waters. We believe in small groups so we limit the numbers to give excellent service, both in and out of the water.

We have both been lucky enough to dive all three Cayman Islands and have made our home here on Grand Cayman. We love exploring the reefs and finding cool critters. We dive, snorkel, look for cool critters, play with stingrays, and do all that we can to make sure you have the best excursion possible.

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