Our Boat JJ Divers

The Boat

Our Boat the Big Slick was custom built and designed for the waters of Grand Cayman. The hulls gives great stability in all conditions. The bow has been designed to enable pickup and drop-offs from the white sand along Seven Mile Beach. On our Grand Cayman diving trips we believe in keeping the numbers down to a max of 10. We are committed to the level of service we provide in and out of the water. Taking a max of 10 divers gives our divers a better dive. Underwater, our divers have the freedom to enjoy their dives in small, intimate groups. Our Cayman diving boat offers full protection from the sun while still allowing tanning from the front of the boat.

We are divers and we know how important the boat is to your scuba trip! We have made every effort to make our boat perfect for divers with all the extras on board… These stable modified vee platforms will whisk you to even the most remote dive spots in just minutes. Each boat carries 22 aluminum tanks and has dry storage, state-of-the-art electronics, and emergency oxygen kits and drinking water. Getting off and on the boat is easy because we do all the lifting of your gear.

Boat Specs

Length: 33ft
Beam: 10 ft


 Its a Great day to Dive Grand Cayman